now here’s a blog revolution

Phoebe Connelly

It's always been on my list of blogs to check, but I must admit to following Wonkette a little more closely ever since it was annouced that Ana Marie Cox was departing to greener pastures. Not because our beloved former-ITT columnist was leaving, but because she was going to be replaced by two men. Two men! It seemed like a bad punchline about the dearth of female bloggers.The announcement came with the (unsurprising) news that the blog was getting a redesign. I mean c'mon, how long were two men going to blog under a pert illustration of a bright-eyed young thing kicking her legs in the air? But this post introducing the new editors just about made me die. Ah the pink umbrella. The two fresh faces. And the logo: the same bright-eyed female face, albeit enlarged and cropped at the neck. There's a joke to be made here, but I just don't have the heart.

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Phoebe Connelly, a former managing editor at In These Times, is Web Editor at The American Prospect.
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