OSHA Investigating Fatal Accident At Amazon Facility

Alex Wolff

The Harrisbug area Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced it will investigate the death of Jody Rhoads, an employee at Amazon’s Fulfillment Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Rhoads died last week from multiple traumatic injuries sustained when machinery she was operating crashed into shelving at the Amazon facility. She was 52. Amazon has indicated they will collaborate with OSHA in its investigation, which began earlier this week. Kevin Kilp, the director of OSHA’s regional office, explained the investigation’s process and potential ramifications to We Party Patriots: “We respond to a report anytime there is a workplace fatality,” Kilp said. During an investigation, OSHA officials determine whether the employer violated any OSHA safety standards, resulting in the death. If they did, that may lead to the issuance of citations, Kilp said. “We take pictures, video, interview employees and management, and generally collect information pertinent to the investigation,” Kilp said. The investigation, which could last up to six months, has contributed to a growing conversation about the safety of Amazon's warehouses and fulfillment centers for workers.

Alex Wolff is a Spring 2014 editorial intern.
Brandon Johnson
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