Perhaps There Is A God After All


Huckabee's struggling, cutting back costs, looking generally dismayed; the whirlwind of media and positive attention he experienced around Christmas hasn't done him an ounce of good past Iowa. Remember a month ago he credited the Creator for how well he was polling and all of the press attention he was getting. Now, much of the attention he's getting is about how he's beginning to lose pretty pitifully to Mitt and John. Me, I'm more likely to believe in a God when this guy steps down and disappears from the national stage. Really, that day can't come quick enough. But I'm still pretty concerned. Say Huckabee does go down. That doesn't mean the Christian Right is any less of a threat right now. We will still need to keep a very close eye on them and their hateful rhetoric, violent wishes, and intolerance. Perhaps the future Christian Right leader who captures the nomination will be even more dangerous than Huckabee. They're not going away. And with a Hillary Clinton nomination they may be more galvanized than they would have been if Huck got the nod. That's my biggest concern: that in this race there are two candidates who will spark mass organization on the part of the radical Christian Right - Huck and Hillary. Without a Hillary Clinton nomination the Christian Right won't be able to find the right angle to get their people riled…but the day Hillary wins the nomination their machine will begin working immediately for whichever clown the GOP picks. And it will be very effective in assisting her defeat.

Brandon Johnson
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