Remember Colin Powell?  He’s advising Obama now.


Talking Points Memo catches a "little nugget" from last week's New York Times:Another person who has contributed outside advice is former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, whom Mr. Obama has been wooing. Mr. Powell, a Republican, has a friendship of decades with Mr. McCain, but friends say he has felt excluded from Mr. McCain's foreign policy operation and was impressed when Mr. Obama called on him in June. Mr. Powell also met around the same time with Mr. McCain.As a refresher course let's return to Colin Powell's testimony on 02/05/2003 before the United Nations Security Council in which he said the following:"There can be no doubt that Saddam Hussein has biological weapons and the capability to rapidly produce more, many more."Where were the rest of the media on the fact that Obama, the candidate "who was against the war from the start," is "wooing" one of the worst offenders responsible for the start of the Iraq War? Why wasn't this striking hypocrisy reported far and wide, turned over, and analyzed ad nauseum? Oh, that's right, because The New Yorker published a cartoon.Speaking of, it seems that, according to Salon, Obama's campaign has shut out The New Yorker from his recent visit to the Middle East, despite the fact that the magazine has produced some of the finest reporting on the candidate to date, and despite the fact that there were 40 spots open for journalists on the trip. It seems the candidate of change believes in freedom of the press…to a limit.

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