RNC Protests, Outside Fox news

Aaron Sarver

Just got back from the shut-upathon outside Fox news headquarters. 500? people and at least as many police and reporters were there. As we walked off the subway we could hear people banging on all sorts of drum-type things. Various chants included Fox News Sells Fear and Shut Up directed towards O'Reilly. Code Pink was in force as well as some radical cheerleaders. Generally the police were tame, saw a few arrests. Every other person has a camera or microphone, so I wonder how that effects police behavior. Police were video taping as well. Off to a screening of the Yes Men! on a beautiful NYC day.

Aaron Sarver is an independent audio producer and writer based in Chicago. His work has appeared in In These Times, The Chicago Reader, Alter​net​.org, and on Free Speech Radio News. For nearly three years he produced and co-hosted the radio program, Fire on the Prairie, which featured interviews with progressive writers and activists, and is archived at fire​on​thep​rairie​.com.
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