The President and The Vice-President Have An Understanding


If you missed the Frontline episode, Cheney's Law, last night you definitely should try to catch it when it is re-broadcast over the next few weeks. This was a disturbing, damning portrait of a man (and his like-minded legal proxy, David Addington) who has spent a life in full loathing of Congressional oversight, a man hell-bent on the radical agenda of dismantling constitutional law and cavalierly asserting full executive privilege. Also, it depicts in stark detail how fully we've been living under a Cheney-Addington administration for the last 7 years - not a Bush-Cheney administration - and any rancor directed at Bush, particularly over warrantless wiretapping, torture, and the war, is misplaced. The country lives, for the time being, under Cheney's Law. Question for the Democratic presidential candidates: do you intend to run with the ball in terms of executive privilege as it has been unapologetically implemented by the legal and illegal wiles of Cheney/Addington, or will this unconstitutional, arrogant lawlessness be eradicated forcefully and without question?

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