Union Allies Fight Against GOP “Meltdown Lobby” With IRS Complaint, Grassroots Campaigns

Art Levine

Republican leaders and their conservative big business allies, including the Chamber of Commerce, have gone after workers' rights with a new set of misleading attacks targeting the pro-union Employee Free Choice Act. There's no legislative gambit, brazen lie, propaganda campaign or skewed data -- all in the service of legal and illegal unionbusting --they're not willing to try out. This week, these include proposed new legislation promoting the Big Lie that it takes away the secret ballot; a Newt Gingrich-led PR campaign (complete with a free Wii); and spurious "

Art Levine, a contributing editor of The Washington Monthly, has written for Mother Jones, The American Prospect, The New Republic, The Atlantic, Slate​.com, Salon​.com and numerous other publications.
Brandon Johnson
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