Voices From These Times: ‘Me and My Woman Struggle, Yeah’

Akbar Ali Muhammad

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In These Times has partnered with the Neighborhood Writing Alliance (NWA) to amplify the stories and struggles of ordinary people, including workers in the United States. This piece, part of an ongoing biweekly series, originally appeared in the Journal of Ordinary Thought, published by NWA. Find more stories and voices at the NWA’s blog.

I am putting down the words of my poem, real life

So that every word that I say comes out right

In order to keep my mind up tight I struggle
And me and my woman struggle, yeah

I dig a woman who’s strong

But not so strong that we can’t get along

Me and my woman we hustle and we tussle

But not with each other, because we are lovers It is against a system that is hell-bent on destroying us

That does not employ us

Then has enough nerve to want to enjoy us

We do not fuss and cuss

We work together to make the community better

To make a better place for all of us

Cleaning up the hood Making it look real good

And helping our neighbors

Who, for whatever reason, are unable I am determined to make our world stable

And my true sister gives me a hand

She understands And loves me for being her man

A love that outshines the sun and comes over the rain

So ebony and mahogany

Come roll up your sleeves and follow me

Put on your thinking cap for some serious, critical rap

Me and my woman struggle

Ah yeah!

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