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Voices From These Times: ‘Temporary’

Diana Cruz

In These Times has partnered with the Neighborhood Writing Alliance (NWA) to amplify the stories and struggles of ordinary people, including workers in the United States. This piece, part of an ongoing biweekly series, originally appeared in the Journal of Ordinary Thought, published by NWA. Find more stories and voices at NWA’s blog.

Sitting in a cold, gloomy cave decorated with family pictures,
Dreaming of the day when I have no one hovering over me.
Questions loom. How will bills be paid?
How would I do without the false securities?
No such thing as job security.

Sifting through junk mail with promises of a quick buck and freedom from the
Fantasies of making a living through pen and paper float through my brain.
Tempting as it sounds, I know better than to believe those lies.
Freedom does not come easy or cheaply.

No such thing as job security.
Self-doubt penetrates my skin.
Neck and back are strained from years of abuse.
This can’t be healthy. There has to be something better.
True joy comes from suffering.
No such thing as job security.

Fed up with selfish individuals who keep their secrets to success locked away,
Tired of those who complain about their situation,
Exhausted from hearing the same laments and generic solutions.
As with all things, this too is temporary.
No such thing as job security.

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Diana Cruz has worked for Illinois Action for Children since 2001. She has has been a member of the Chicago Puerto Rican Community Chorus and has had several pieces published in the Journal of Ordinary Thought, the 2008 summer edition of AREA magazine, and the June 2009 issue of Café Magazine.
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