Voting Problems, Part II

Phoebe Connelly

Global Exchange had a mostly positive report about the polls that they were able to get their observers into. Note the "able to" -- they were only granted access to polling places in Florida at the last minute, Broward County on Nov. 1 and Miami-Dade County in the afternoon of Nov. 2. Election officials in Ohio refused to let Global Exchange observers in.???The wave of voter turnout shows that Americans believe in democracy,??? says Owen Thomas, a British observer who spent the day observing polls in Florida???s Broward County. ???The electorate was very motivated. People really wanted to vote, and they were determined that their votes count. The hero of the day has to be the grassroots organizations that went to incredible lengths to guarantee that everyone would be able to exercise their right to vote.???Read about it here.

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Phoebe Connelly, a former managing editor at In These Times, is Web Editor at The American Prospect.
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