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Washington’s White Market/Blackwater’s Black Market

Erin Polgreen

If the current Iraq war has taught us anything, it’s when the streets run red with blood, buy property…and sell weapons. The escalating conflicts in the Middle East, which have been called everything but World War III, continue to provide the countries with the largest weapon stockpiles multiple opportunities to cash in. Foremost in this bank run is the United States, which is fighting to maintain its role as the leading weapons supplier to nations feverishly seeking to increase their military might. Meanwhile, the Blackwater whirlpool of corruption is still operating with impunity. Since the Bush administration doesn’t see curtailing their dubious activity as a top priority, continued human rights violations and black market arms deals will continue to destabilize the region. The United States’ policies and presence in the Middle East don’t make a shining beacon of democracy and freedom. Instead, opportunistic Americans are looking to corner the Iraqi market one way or another, legally or illegally, large or small, public or private, with weapons or property ownership. By Davie Williams, Publishing Intern

Before coming to The Media Consortium in February 2008, Erin was an Associate Publisher for In These Times, where she managed advertising, marketing and outreach. Erin began working with In These Times as an editorial intern in June 2005. That August, she joined the staff as Advertising and Marketing Coordinator and was promoted to Associate Publisher in February 2007. From August 2004 through May 2005, Erin served with City Year Chicago, an Americorps program. As a Senior Corps member, she co-led a team of literacy tutors at an elementary school on the West side of Chicago. Erin graduated with departmental honors and a degree in English from Webster University in May 2004.
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