Weekly Workers’ Round-up: Boeing Workers Strike, Nurses March on Capitol Hill

Jennifer Braudaway

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Nurses march in solidarity on Capitol Hill

Over 1,000 nurses from across the country rallied on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, in support of legislation that would enforce minimum nurse-to-patient ratios as well as guidelines for lifting patients and injury prevention. Staff-to-patient ratios have been a central issue to health professionals and nursing unions because of their direct effect on working conditions and patient safety. Several legislators attended and spoke at the rally including Sen. Al Franken (D‑Minn.), Sen. Barbara Boxer (D‑Calif.), Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D‑Ohio) and Rep. Barbara Lee (D‑Calif.). Read more about the rally here or watch The Real News Network coverage here. (video above)

Boeing workers strike for medical and pension benefits

On Tuesday 1,700 Boeing Co. assembly workers went on strike in Long Beach, Calif. causing the Chicago-based company to shut down the production of C‑17 cargo jets indefinitely. The strike comes after failed contract negotiations between Boeing and United Auto Workers Local 148, in which workers were unwilling to make concessions on medical and pension benefits. The strike is expected to affect plants and manufacturers in more than 40 states. Read more here.

Protesters rally to keep Massey Energy out

Around 60 protesters, including representatives from the United Mine Workers of America rallied at the U.S. Steel Tower in Pittsburgh, Pa. on Monday to protest Massey Energy’s plan to acquire a coal mine in Western Pennsylvania. Protesters want to keep Massey Energy out of the state over environmental and safety concerns. Read more here.

New York public workers protest furloughs

Over 60 people rallied on Thursday in Hornell, N.Y. to protest Gov. David Paterson’s plan to enact state employee furloughs in his upcoming energy appropriations bill. The enacted furloughs would cut one work day per week, and cause workers to lose 20 percent of their pay, according to the New York State Public Employees Federation (PEF) division council leader, Ed Johnston. Members of PEF and the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) carried out 14 rallies in total across the state. Read more here.

Hospitality workers fast for fair contract on Mother’s Day

Five Castlewood Country Club hospitality workers held a three-day hunger strike beginning last Friday, in Pleasanton, Calif. in tandem with country club members’ Mother’s Day feasts. The hunger strike was held in response to an employee lockout that occurred Feb. 25, and to bring attention to a labor dispute over health insurance between Castlewood and Unite Here Local 2850, which represents the workers. Read more here.

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Jennifer Braudaway is a Winter 2010 Web intern.
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