We’ll Hear Her Testimony When It’s Convenient For Her


For certain very important persons in America, the law does not apply.(via TPM Muckraker):Even if she refuses to testify voluntarily, Sarah Palin will definitely not be subpoenaed as part of the Trooper-Gate investigation, Rep. Jay Ramras, a Republican on the committee overseeing the probe, just confirmed to TPMmuckraker.Ramras said that issuing a subpoena for a vice-presidential candidate "would be disrespectful." He called it "inappropriate conduct, given the unique political circumstances," and "bad form."But wait: the committee overseeing this probe said that they'll gladly hear her testimony if she wants to voluntarily give it. Comforted?Maybe it's me, but doesn't the fact that she could potentially become President of the United States require that she be subpoenaed now? Isn't it more than appropriate to look into alleged criminal misconduct and abuses of power by someone who may one day wield political power on a national level?

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