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What Can the International Afghanistan Conference Accomplish?

Candace Gorman

At first blush, the Afghani constitution is a model document …. until, of course, you start to notice a certain repetition of the phrase "in accordance with provisions of the law"…. Hmmm, what does that mean? It means that many of these grand rights laid out in the Afghani Constitution are completely meaningless because they can be nullified by subsequent laws… (Freedom of Speech ….in accordance with provisions of Law)…. I think about that, as I sit here at the International Conference on Afghanistan in The Hague, with invitees from 73 countries, 10 international organizations and 5 independent observers. I wonder just what the hell they think they can accomplish? The program itself is quite telling: Tuesday 31 March 2009 Morning Arrival of delegates at the World Forum Convention Centre, The Hague 10.45 Opening statements 11.10 Start Session I 12.45 End Session I 13.00 Lunch 14.00 Start Session II 17.30 End Session II - Conference Closing 18.00 Main Press Conference Departure of delegates

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