What is the point in a Democratic majority when they vote this way?


The following Senators, judging by their vote today against removing telecom immunity from the FISA bill, have demonstrated that they believe that corporations and private industry are above the law. These Senators have proven that they themselves have very little regard for our nation's Constitution, particularly the 4th amendment. They believe in the rules of Bush and Cheney. They are cowards.Bayh - Carper - Conrad - Feinstein - Innouye - Johnson - Kohl - Landrieu - Lincoln - McCaskill - Mikulski - Nelson (FL) - Nelson (Neb.) - Pryor - Rockefeller - Salazar - Webb.Remember how excited we all were when Salazar, McCaskill, and Webb won their Senate seats a couple years ago?It should be noted that the Senators who voted against removing telecom immunity, and the Senators who voted to defeat the subsequent Specter amendment (banning immunity if a court finds that the spying was unconstitutional), and the Bingaman amendment (delaying a vote on immunity until the IG report which will make public the extent of the FISA program's activities under Bush - "a true compromise," according to Greenwald), have made their votes without knowing just how extensive the spying was and is, without ascertaining whether or not this program of warrantless wiretapping is unconstitutional. They do not care about Constitutional rights. And yet, they serve as our representatives in our American government.

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