Bill Moyer co-founded the Backbone Campaign in 2003 with artist friends on Vashon Island, WA. Responding to Bush administration policies, they applied lessons of the performing arts and their creativity to help invigorate a progressive movement for nonviolent social change. Bill has served as Backbone’s executive director since 2004. Through Backbone he and his team have designed and co-produced hundreds of creative actions; trained over a thousand artful activists in everything from grand strategy to creative tactics such as the giant flying banners, the use of stage lights to project messages, and Backbone’s recent hallmark innovation: kayaktivism. Bill humbly coordinates the talented Solutionary Rail team and is extremely proud of their upcoming book on the future of U.S. Railroads. He lives in the woods of Vashon with his wife and teenage daughter.
Rural America
How Electrifying Railroads Could Help Us Transition from Fossil Fuels and Power Rural Economies
Bill Moyer