Dani Burli­son is a writer in San­ta Rosa, Cal­i­for­nia. She is the author of Den­drophil­ia and Oth­er Social Taboos: True Sto­ries and the Lady Parts series. She has been a staff writer at a Bay Area alt-week­ly, a book review­er for Los Ange­les Review and a reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor to many pub­li­ca­tions. When she’s not writ­ing or teach­ing writ­ing class­es at a local com­mu­ni­ty col­lege and in var­i­ous oth­er pro­grams, Dani is study­ing, using, and teach­ing on the top­ic of herbal medicine.
Rural America
Mental Health First Aid is Important in an Era of Climate Disaster