George Mon­biot is one of the world’s most influ­en­tial rad­i­cal thinkers. His Guardian columns, cel­e­brat­ed for both their orig­i­nal­i­ty and the depth of their research, are syn­di­cat­ed all over the world. Mon­biot is the author of the best­selling books Cap­tive State, The Age of Con­sent, Bring on the Apoc­a­lypse and Heat as well as the inves­tiga­tive trav­el books Poi­soned Arrows, Ama­zon Water­shed, and No Man’s Land. Among the many prizes he has won is the UN Glob­al 500 award for out­stand­ing envi­ron­men­tal achieve­ment, pre­sent­ed to him by Nel­son Mandela.
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Rewild! Escape from Monomania