Max B. Sawicky is a senior research fellow at the Center for Economic and Policy Research. He has worked at the Economic Policy Institute and the Government Accountability Office, and has written for numerous progressive outlets.

Democrats Are Wasting Precious Time with a Measly "Bipartisan" Infrastructure Deal
The plan announced at the White House on Thursday is a drop in the bucket. Democrats need to forget Republicans and pass a bold package that makes massive public investments.
Biden's First 100 Days Have Been a Tale of Two Presidencies
When it comes to economic issues, the Biden administration has shown some surprising progressivism. On foreign policy, not so much.
By All Means, Means Test
For anti-poverty benefits, defense comes first.
Biden Needs to Spend Big—And Fast. Here Are 4 Immediate Priorities.
Forget about the debt. Boosting the economy and sending people money isn't just good policy, it's smart politics.
It’s Not Just Trump: The Neoliberal Roots of the Postal Service Crisis
We should defend the Post Office, both from Trump and the ideology of austerity that treats the agency “like a business.”
Yes, Joe Biden Has Long Pushed Cuts to Social Security. End of Story.
Bernie Sanders is right to call out Biden’s objectionable record on cutting Social Security—no matter what Paul Krugman says.
Why the Left Needs To Stop Worrying and Learn To Love Impeachment
The fight for democracy can’t be left to the centrists.
There Are Limits to Government Spending, But We Haven’t Reached Them Yet
No, Pensions Aren’t All Collapsing, and We Don’t Need To Scrap Them
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