Pat Mooney has more than four decades expe­ri­ence work­ing in inter­na­tion­al civ­il soci­ety, first address­ing aid and devel­op­ment issues and then focus­ing on food, agri­cul­ture and com­mod­i­ty trade. In 1977 Mooney co-found­ed RAFI (Rur­al Advance­ment Fund Inter­na­tion­al, renamed ETC Group in 2001). He received The Right Liveli­hood Award (the Alter­na­tive Nobel Prize”) in the Swedish Par­lia­ment in 1985 and the Pear­son Peace Prize from Canada’s Gov­er­nor Gen­er­al in 1998. He has also received the Amer­i­can Giraffe Award” giv­en to peo­ple who stick their necks out.”
Rural America
Report: Big Data is Accelerating Corporate Control of the Global Food Supply