Meet Alex Han

In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.


Climate Change Is Fueling a Farming Boom in Alaska
It's becoming easier for the northern state to grow its own food—and more necessary.
Yereth Rosen
“Our Biggest Enemy Is PG&E”: Inside the Fight to Put Utilities Under Public Control
Evacuees of the Kincade Fire and members of the Democratic Socialists of America are demanding PG&E be dismantled.
Nuala Bishari
Southern Workers Unite Around Medicare for All: “A Tremendous Liberation From Your Boss”
Workers from across the South converged in Charlotte, N.C., on September 21 to kick off a Medicare for All campaign.
Jonathan Michels
When Unions Save Lives
The threat of fines doesn't always make mines safer. But unions can.
Austyn Gaffney
The Underground Migrant Support Network
Meet the Chicago chapter of the "aboveground railroad" providing assistance to asylum seekers.
Eleanor Colbert
On Indigenous People’s Day, Anishinaabeg Leaders March Against Enbridge’s $7.5 Billion Oil Pipeline
The pipeline’s route would carry 760,000 barrels of oil per day, crossing 15 watersheds affecting 215 lakes, and violating Ojibwe treaty rights.
Amelia Diehl
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the Working-Class Iowa Test
At the People’s Presidential Forum, bold left-wing policies dominated the debate, as both Sanders and Warren sought to expand their support ahead of Iowa's critical caucuses.
Gavin Aronsen
Whose Grid? Our Grid! Chicago’s Campaign To Put Electricity Under Public Control
A democratically owned electric utility could fast-track the city's transition to clean energy.
Alex Schwartz
Fighting Asthma with Compost
The Baltimore Compost Collective wants Baltimore to adopt curbside composting, to address the city’s air pollution problem.
Jesse James DeConto
At First-Ever Native American Presidential Forum, Candidates Answer to Centuries of Injustice
With Indian country’s electoral power growing, presidential hopefuls pledged to honor treaties and enact structural change.
Stephanie Woodard
On Trial in a Language You Don’t Speak
A shortage of court interpreters means vulnerable, non-English-speakers may not be getting adequate legal support
Kimberly Jin
In 2008, Democratic Socialists Endorsed Him. Now, a DSA Member Is Primarying Him.
Backed by Brand New Congress, Anthony Clark is challenging Rep. Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.), in a sign of how far left politics have moved.
Salim Muwakkil
Jewish Youth Say “Never Again” As They Protest Trump’s Concentration Camps
Activists are risking arrest during two weeks of actions in Boston, Chicago, Newark and other major cities.
Stephanie Russell-Kraft
Life, Liberty and a Stable Climate: These Kids Are Arguing for a New Constitutional Right
After a June hearing, the youth suing the government await news on whether their case will proceed to trial.
Arun Gupta
Meet the Woman Who’s Fought Racism in the Mississippi Delta for 54 Years
The days of racist policymaking are far from over. But where the state has refused to invest in Black communities, We2gether Creating Change is filling the gap.
Eli Day
This Louisiana Parish Allowed a Quarter of Its Sheriff’s Deputies To Work Security for a Pipeline
Water protectors say the swamp was swarming with uniformed police working for the company.
Karen Savage and Sarah Lazare
Rashida Tlaib May Be Under Attack By the Right, But She’s Beloved in Her District
In These Times spent a day with Tlaib in Detroit.
Valerie Vande Panne
Young Democrats Are Furious Over the DCCC’s Blacklist Punishing Insurgents
At a time of rising energy on the Democrats' left flank, the DCCC is giving a crash course in how to alienate young progressives.
Branko Marcetic
We Talked with the New Hampshire Family in Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income Experiment
The $1,000/month from Yang has changed the Fassis' lives in small ways—and kindled their imaginations.
Andrew Schwartz
Stop & Shop Workers Vote to Ratify Contract—Although Benefits Will Shrink for New Part-Timers
The new 3-year contract with Stop & Shop protects some benefits for current employees, but also contains a two-tiered system.
Jeremy Gantz
We Desperately Need Medicare for All. These 10 Statistics Prove It.
As the House Rules Committee officially begins discussing Medicare for All, here’s a reminder of the disastrous state of American healthcare.
In These Times Staff
The Cooperative Acupuncture Clinics Popping Up in Middle America
With skyrocketing healthcare costs, residents of Middle America are turning to acupuncture.
Valerie Vande Panne
Vermonters Marched 65 Miles for Climate Justice
Vermont could become the first state to ban future fossil fuel infrastructure
Olivia Box
Across the World, Youth Are Striking for Their Right to a Livable Planet
The student-led international Youth Climate Strike movement demands that politicians support the Green New Deal.
Ari Bee
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