Disabled People Are Underrepresented in Politics. A New Organization Aims to Change That.
Disability Victory will start training the first cohort of disabled people who want to run for office in early 2024.
Sara Luterman, The 19th
Ohio Votes To Guarantee Abortion Rights in Its State Constitution
With the victory on Issue 1, abortion rights advocates are on a 7-and-0 ballot measure winning streak since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022.
Grace Panetta, The 19th
A view of Cacapon State Park in West Virginia.
DispatchRural America
Don't Pave Paradise
A West Virginia community rallied to stave off the destruction of Cacapon Resort State Park by private developers. Will it last?
Ellie Heffernan
DispatchRural America
In Small Town Appalachia, Locals Battle a Weapons-Grade Uranium Plant
The company Nuclear Fuel Services wants to process weapons-grade uranium for the U.S. government at a facility in Erwin, Tennessee. Some locals aren’t having it.
Taylor Sisk
How San Diego Built a Surveillance Apparatus Under the Guise of “Sustainability”
What started as a green infrastructure project quickly spiraled into a crisis of mass surveillance.
Jesse Marx
Seven workers pose with signs.
Record Profits, Paltry Contracts Fire Up Chicago-Area Autoworkers to Strike
"It's not fair that [CEOs are] bringing home these millions of dollars and have so many summer homes ... and we're living paycheck to paycheck."
Maia McDonald
DispatchThe Socialism Issue
Christian Socialists Are Reclaiming Faith from the Right
For these Christians, religion is no opiate—it’s a profound call to action.
Matt McManus
On Chicago's Northwest Side, Socialists Are Wielding Power in a Whole New Way
For city council members Rossana Rodríguez Sanchez and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, "co-governance" is key.
Jacqui Germain
LaborDispatchThe Socialism Issue
Democratic Socialists Are Fueling a Hot Labor Summer
From strike support to training organizers and supporting union drives, DSA members are helping to build a fighting labor movement.
Indigo Olivier
How A Utility Giant Tried (and Failed) to Build a Pipeline Under Brooklyn
Brooklyn residents didn't learn about the new pipeline project from National Grid until two years into its construction. They were able to stop it anyways.
Sara Van Horn
Full Spectrum Overdose Prevention
A game-changing program to mitigate the fentanyl crisis.
Paige Oamek
DispatchRural America
Big Dairy is Milking California Dry
A small town fights back against dairy expansion.
Ian Whitaker
The Peasants Are Seizing the Commons (Again)
Protesters stormed a U.K. national park, demanding the freedom to camp anywhere on public land.
Charlotte Elton
Colombian Peasants Are Taking on an Irish Multinational— and Being Met With Violence
Indigenous leaders protesting cardboard packaging giant Smurfit Kappa Group face threats and retaliation.
Tomás Ó’Loingsigh
An Explosion, Layoffs, and the End of Paper in Jay
When the Androscoggin Mill closed last month, it ended 130 years of paper making in this small, tight-knit town.
Jacob Morrison
Bengaluru’s Sanitation Workers Say No to the System’s Scraps
If the city’s ragpickers and pourakarmikas stopped working for even a day, Bengaluru would plunge into disease and chaos.
Srikar Raghavan
France’s Pension Protests Are a Feminist Reckoning
As France heads into its eleventh general strike in three months, one thing is clear: this is not just a retirees' uprising.
Nina Pasquini
Meet the Activist Coalition That Outlawed Caste Discrimination in Seattle
“This is a recognition of over 2,000 years of oppression."
Saurav Sarkar
Black Educators Are Reimagining A Better School System
“Black Lives Matter at School is an act of resistance. It’s a refusal to accept the ways that we are perpetually dehumanized. It’s a statement that we exist, that we are here, and that we are going to fight back.”
Henry Hicks IV
The Plot to Cancel Drag Queens
Drag Shows under attack by far-right groups.
Eesha Pandit
Slaying the Gold-Hungry Dragon
D&D players won an epic victory against corporate power. Here’s how they did it.
Rohan Montgomery
Game Workers Are About To Take On The Biggest Boss Fight Of All
Long hours, stagnant wages: a look at the landslide of union interest across the industry.
Stephen Franklin
A Pipeline Brings Gas and Revolt to Southern Italy
“We thought nothing like this could happen in Italy until we found ourselves right in the middle of it.”
Alessandra Bergamin
Fighting Anti-Abortion Extremists — And The Boss
Workers fighting to unionize and protect reproductive rights face the threat of retaliation.
Stephen Franklin
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