Workers in the South Aren’t Letting Anti-Labor Laws Stop Them From Organizing
From a recent work action in Durham, North Carolina to union drives at REI and academic institutions, workers are taking important steps to organize the South.
Mindy Isser
Edward Said: “The Idea of Palestine Hounds Zionists”
In September of 1982, Edward Said analyzed the Zionist invasion of Lebanon, calling for justice for Palestinians. Days later, the right wing Lebanese Phalangist militia, accompanied by Israel, embarked on a brutal massacre at the Shatila refugee camp.
Nashwa Bawab
The Big 3 Want You To Think Striking Workers and the Climate Are at Odds. They’re Not.
Mainstream media coverage of the UAW strike has implied that workers’ demands stand in conflict with achieving climate goals. That’s BS.
Sarah Lazare
Bernie Sanders to Big 3 CEOs: “It is time for you to end your greed.”
Transcript: In an explosive speech at a Detroit autoworker rally, Sanders railed against stock buybacks and called on CEOs to negotiate a fair contract.
Bernie Sanders
DispatchThe Socialism Issue
Christian Socialists Are Reclaiming Faith from the Right
For these Christians, religion is no opiate—it’s a profound call to action.
Matt McManus
A handful of cheering autoworkers hold signs reading "UAW Stand Up COLA Fair Pay Now" and "UAW Stand Up Record Profits Record Contracts."
UAW's "Element of Surprise" Strike Appears to Be Working
"We heard like everyone else at 10 p.m.," a Stellantis spokesperson says.
Sarah Lazare and Jeff Schuhrke
It's Official: Autoworkers Are on Strike
“If they don’t move on the union’s demands, more pain will be applied—but the companies won’t be able to predict where.”
Luis Feliz Leon and Jane Slaughter
Autoworkers Are Fighting for the Future of the Industry
Stagnant pay and hazardous conditions have driven autoworkers at the Big Three to organize.
Maximillian Alvarez
Screenshot of United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain in a livestream wearing a red UAW shirt, a UAW pin, and surrounded by UAW signs with demands like ?"End Tiers" and "COLA Fair Pay"
"Keep the Companies Guessing": UAW "Stand-Up Strike," Explained
UAW President Shawn Fain says the union is ready to strike, using a new tactic that's a "historic first."
Jake Johnson
It’s Time to Reclaim the Promise of Economic Rights in the U.S.
The fight for social democratic policies can help inspire a progressive resurgence in America. A new book provides a roadmap.
Max B. Sawicky
In a protest crowd, a closeup on one protester holding a sign that says "Hochul: Build of Burn"
FeatureClimateThe Socialism Issue
New York Socialists Won Big On Climate. How Did It Happen?
We don't have to settle for neoliberal half-measures.
Liza Featherstone
Photograph of a worker in a red shirt holding a sign that says "Fighting for the American Dream," with other marching behind her.
Exhausted, Injured and Angry: Autoworkers Have Had Enough
Record profits should mean record pay—but that's not how it's played out at the Big Three automakers. These Ford workers have had enough.
Sarah Lazare
Here's What Striking Autoworkers Are Fighting For
The Big 3 automakers have made record profits in recent years. Now, union workers are calling for big raises, an end to tiers, a shorter work week and a just transition.
Jeff Schuhrke
50 Years After the Coup in Chile, the U.S. Has Finally Declassified Documents Relating to Its Role
Following calls for transparency from progressive lawmakers including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greg Casar, the State Department has declassified records around the events leading up to the violent coup in 1973.
Jake Johnson
No Parties on a Dead Planet: It’s Time We Reimagine Burning Man
Why this ecologically devastating escapist drug party just hits differently in 2023.
Corinne Loperfido
Why Did UPS Teamsters Vote Yes on the Deal?
A reporter got an intimate look at how contract discussions played out at one local.
Teddy Ostrow
The Chicago Teachers Union Won Big. What Comes Next?
Chicago Teachers Union president Stacy Davis Gates on the Johnson administration, school privatization, and fighting for immigrant families.
Jim Daley
Autoworkers Aren't Afraid of a Strike
“It's not about protecting the American dream or fighting for the American dream. It's literally like resuscitating it from the dead.”
Teddy Ostrow and Ruby Walsh
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