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The Next Target for Protests Against Israel: Ports
Hundreds of protesters took action at ports in Oakland and Tacoma to try and stop the Cape Orlando's progress. Meanwhile, dockworkers in Barcelona called for a cease-fire and announced they would not work on ships carrying weapons.
Kim Kelly
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Here are 3 Ways the U.S. Media Tries to Justify Israel’s Attacks on Civilians in Gaza
From the use of terms such as “human shields,” “terror tunnels” and “Hamas strongholds,” media outlets are covering for Israel’s devastating bombing campaign on Palestinians.
Adam Johnson
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
"We Need Eyes on Us for Protection": Unhinged, Murderous Settlers Terrorize Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills
As Gaza faces genocide, extremist settlers in the West Bank are running rampant. One Youth of Sumud activist says: “The Israeli settler militias benefit from this state of war, they are the ones who are ruling this area."
Ryah Aqel
LaborIsrael & Palestine
The AFL-CIO Squashed a Council's Cease-Fire Resolution. What Does It Say About Labor Right Now?
The move illustrates larger dynamics currently at play within the U.S. labor movement as the assault on Gaza rages on. While some unions and labor activists are advocating for an immediate end to the onslaught, most officials are keeping quiet.
Jeff Schuhrke
President Biden sits at a desk in profile behind a translucent glass door.
Israel & Palestine
White House Requests “Unprecedented” Loophole That Would Obscure Arms Sales to Israel
The measure effectively gives Israel a check to purchase $3.5 billion in arms in complete secrecy.
Janet Abou-Elias, Lillian Mauldin, Mekedas Belayneh, Rosie Khan, Liv Owens and Women for Weapons Trade Transparency
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
There Is Hope—and a Growing Movement for Palestine. Join Us in Washington D.C. on Saturday.
The time is now for people from all walks of life to raise their voices and demand Biden call for a cease-fire and for the United States to stop funding war and oppression.
Nashwa Bawab
DispatchRural America
In Small Town Appalachia, Locals Battle a Weapons-Grade Uranium Plant
The company Nuclear Fuel Services wants to process weapons-grade uranium for the U.S. government at a facility in Erwin, Tennessee. Some locals aren’t having it.
Taylor Sisk
The Fight Is On To Stop the Sale of the Only Municipally-Owned Railroad in the U.S.
Cincinnati voters are about to decide whether to privatize their city’s railroad by selling it to Norfolk Southern. A grassroots campaign is organizing to block the sale.
Kari Lydersen
Climate Disaster Is Here—and the State Will Never Save Us
"States demonstrate, again and again, that not only do they not protect the Earth, they facilitate its destruction." Dean Spade on the promise of speculative fiction and a review of The Ministry for the Future and The Deluge.
Dean Spade
“What Could We Win Together?” Labor in Minnesota Gears up for a Major Escalation
With a string of contracts expiring in the new year, Minnesota unions and community groups are gathering to unite around a strategy for a cleaner environment and better jobs, housing and schools.
Isabela Escalona and Amie Stager
The UAW Has Now Reached a Tentative Agreement With Each of the Big Three
The deal with General Motors, the last of the major U.S. automakers to settle, could put an end to the union's historic Stand-Up Strike. But now it's up to the members.
Jake Johnson
Cruelties Collide for Migrants in Chicago
Venezuelans driven north by U.S. imperialism landed in a city decimated by neoliberalism.
Lilian Jiménez
No es una “crisis migratoria". Es una crisis de desinversión.
Los Venezolanos impulsados hacia el norte por el imperialismo estadounidense llegaron a una ciudad destrozada por el neoliberalismo.
Lilian Jiménez
FeatureInvestigationGoodman Institute
The New Cold War in the Arctic
Amid rising geopolitical tensions, the U.S. is expanding its military presence in Greenland, increasing the risk of something going very wrong.
Adam Federman
InterviewEn Español
La Política Estadounidense Impulsó la Migración de Venezolanos
Un legado de imperialismo y antisocialismo estadounidense llevó a miles de inmigrantes a los pisos de las estaciones policiales en Chicago.
Lilian Jiménez
“It Kind of Feels Like Prison”: Injured, Burned Out and Under Surveillance at Amazon
More than 40% of Amazon workers get injured on the job, according to a new report. The company says they are “industrial athletes.”
Katrina Pham
Here’s What UAW Workers Won in a “Historic” TA After Striking at Ford
After more than a month on the picket line, autoworkers have reached a tentative agreement with Ford including massive wage increases, cost of living adjustments and the right to strike over plant closures. Now the deal goes to the membership, while strikes continue at GM and Stellantis.
Jeff Schuhrke
UAW and Ford Announce Tentative Deal
The tentative deal between the UAW and Ford would end the strike against one of the mammoth automakers making up The Big Three, according to the union.
Ari Bloomekatz
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