May 2022 Volume 46, Issue 05

Chris Hayes on the Cost of Sanctions on Iraq
Sixteen years ago, Chris Hayes weighed the impact sanctions had on the lives of Iraqis. What lessons can we glean from this today?
Christopher Hayes
New York and California Experiment with Giving Workers a Say in Industry Standards
Less than 3 percent of fast food workers and less than 1 percent of nail salon workers are unionized. Workers' councils could give them a seat at the table.
Amy Qin
How To Stand in Solidarity with Ukraine
The Left has an opportunity to support the people of Ukraine and connect international struggles, without endorsing American militarism.
Tobita Chow
A New Podcast Opens Portals Into Queer History
"Unboxing Queer History" straddles space and time to explore LGBTQ narratives—from lesbian smelt fishing to gay liberation.
Isabel Carter
One Simple Trick to Protect Workers from Inflation
Union contracts could ensure economic stability among the working class amid inflation.
Hamilton Nolan
The Gig Economy Needs Worker-Owned Apps
Platform co-ops could cut out the Silicon Valley middlemen
In These Times Editors
Speed Grocery Delivery Workers Are in a Dangerous Race
A new industry of venture-capital-backed startups claim their workers are fast. Are they faster than regulations?
Maggie Duffy
The Billionaire-Funded Campaign Trying to Recall SF's Progressive DA Chesa Boudin
A Republican billionaire is behind the effort to oust San Francisco's criminal justice reform-minded District Attorney.
Piper French

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