August 2021 Volume 45, Issue 8

slaying the Gerrymander
Grief Belongs in Social Movements. Can We Embrace It?
A Black activist reflects on intergenerational trauma, community, and coming to terms with death in movement building.
Malkia Devich-Cyril
The "Landback" Movement Would Return Stolen Land to Indigenous Stewardship
Part of the larger decolonization movement, landback is critical in dismantling white supremacy and mitigating climate disaster.
In These Times Editors
We Need Radical Economic Change—Not Biden's Corporate Capitalism
Stimulus packages are not enough. Only practices of deep democracy and shared ownership can end our cycle of economic disaster.
Stacey Sutton
We Don't Have Time for Climate Symbolism
As we hurtle towards climate chaos, Democratic leaders remain all talk and no action on serious climate policy.
Mark Schlosberg
Social Work Students Decry SSA’s New Name After Crown Family Donation
When the military-industrial complex meets social work.
Maryum Elnasseh
Striking Alabama Miners Are Done Playing Nice
Hundreds of UMWA miners remain on the picket line at the Warrior Met Coal mine.
A Wisconsin Hog Farm Would Produce 9.4 Million Gallons of Manure a Year. Nearby Residents Live in Fear.
Crawford County is up against Roth Feeder Pig II, which would be the largest hog CAFO in the state and could permanently pollute local aquifers.
Hannah Faris
Let's Not Forget the Suffering the United States Has Inflicted on Guatemala
In July 1996, In These Times documented the CIA's myriad abuses during the Guatemalan Civil War. It's a history that Vice President Kamala Harris has conveniently ignored.
In These Times Editors

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