September 2021 Volume 45, Issue 9

9/11 and the Illusion of War Without Casualties
Twenty years ago, Naomi Klein wrote that 9/11 shattered Americans' "illusion of war without casualties." Now, after combat troops have been pulled out of Afghanistan, is it really "game over"?
In These Times Editors
Black Teachers Defend Their Curriculum From Attacks on Critical Race Theory
With school boards becoming a battleground in the right-wing war on critical race theory, Milwaukee educators are standing up against racist censorship of American history.
Alice Herman
Abolitionist Library Workers Want Library Access for All. That Begins with Getting Cops Out.
Library staff work to remove the need for police officers within libraries and focus on de-escalating training.
Jason Christian
Debt Is Usually Treated As A Personal Failure. Debtors' Unions Are Changing That.
With nearly three out of four households carrying some kind of debt, debtors' unions are reframing indebtedness as a shared problem and a source of collective power.
In These Times Editors
Under Biden, Migrants Continue Fighting for the Right to Return to the U.S.
As family separations continue under the Biden administration, unjustly deported migrants are fighting to be reunited with their families.
Paco Alvarez
The Political Magic of the Democrats’ Infrastructure Plan
Biden and the Democrats have put forward proposals that would finally invest in public services that help humans flourish.
Rick Perlstein
Landlords Are Going to Take Away All Your Wage Gains
This is what happens when you treat housing as just another market.
Hamilton Nolan

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