November 2021 Volume 45, Issue 11

How to Protect Time Off in a Remote Work World
Legislating the "right to disconnect" could help prevent wage theft in a virtual environment that has blurred the line between work and home.
In These Times Editors
The U.S. Turned Jewish Refugees Away During The Holocaust. Its Refugee Policy Hasn't Changed Much Since.
The United States says, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses"—unless they don't look or act like me.
Rick Perlstein
Shahana Hanif, Socialist Feminist Organizer, Is About to Make History
From the start, the campaign worked to harness the power of an under-tapped activist community of Bangladeshi women—inspiring a new generation of organizers.
Ria Modak
The $250 Difference: A Lifeline for Working Families May Disappear this December
Most U.S. welfare programs are either targeted or means-tested — the Child Tax Credit breaks this mold.
Bryce Covert
LaborInvestigationGoodman Institute
How Workers at Beverage Giant Refresco Defeated a “Notorious” Union Buster
Refresco has waged a prolonged and costly fight to stop the workers from unionizing.
Alice Herman
Mississippi Believes It Can Be Organized. Does Anyone Else?
Under-resourced and overlooked, the South is tired of waiting for organized labor.
Hamilton Nolan
The People the Left Lost to the Anti-Abortion Movement
After <i>Roe</i>, the Church and the Right outmaneuvered us for the moral high ground.
In These Times Editors
Sally Rooney’s Latest Novel Shows There’s No Room for Marxism in the Professional-Managerial Class
Not every college-educated professional gets to be wealthy. <i>Beautiful World, Where Are You</i> dramatizes the internal class conflict brewing among upper-middle class elites.
Sohale Andrus Mortazavi

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