May 2024 Volume 48, Issue 04

The War on Protest Cover
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: We Must Understand Israel as a Settler-Colonial State
"Just as the U.S. celebrates itself as 'a nation of immigrants,' Zionists celebrated Palestine as a land without people for a people without land."
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Weaving a Feminist Movement
Women in Bengaluru are unraveling patriarchy, stitch by stitch, song by song.
Panthea Lee
Prioritizing Pleasure in our Movements
Embracing joy can give insight into the type of world we want to live in—and the motivation to work toward it.
J. Patrick Patterson
DispatchRural America
In Texas, SpaceX's Rocket Facility is Blocking Public Beach Access
A proposed land trade would hand over even more of Boca Chica to SpaceX.
Joseph Bullington
New Comics: Fascist Zygotes, Electric Hummers and More
LaborViewpointEn Español
Presidente de la UAW: El Primero de Mayo De 2028 Podría Transformar el Movimiento Sindical—y el Mundo
Shawn Fain hace un llamado a los sindicatos de todo el mundo para que alineen las fechas de vencimiento de sus contratos para lograr un impacto masivo.
Shawn Fain
Shawn Fain: May Day 2028 Could Transform the Labor Movement—and the World
The UAW President is calling on unions everywhere to align their contract expiration dates for mass impact.
Shawn Fain
The Political Coalition the Left Needs to Win
"The situation is, without question, daunting. But there are signs of possibility all around us—and the future is ours for the taking."
Alex Han
ViewpointDepartmentsIsrael & Palestine
Aaron Bushnell Will Be Venerated Like Rachel Corrie Was Before Him
Twenty-one years ago, Rachel Corrie gave her life to serve the Palestinian cause. Today, her legacy lives on.
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