Rural America

“Strange Paradox:” Rural Towns Surrounded By Farmland Are Losing Food Access
In many rural areas, dollar stores are replacing grocery stores. An Illinois town responded by opening a community-owned market.
Amanda Pérez Pintado
The U.S. Dairy System Is in Crisis and Exporting More Milk to Canada Won’t Fix It
U.S. farm policies are bad for dairy farmers, cows, customers and the climate. We shouldn’t try to defeat Canada’s dairy system—we should learn from it.
Niaz Dorry
The Gentrification of the Rural West
What happens to a working-class town when developers put a resort where the sawmill used to be?
Ryanne Pilgeram
Death of a Sales Barn: How Corporations Took Over Our Food System
A new report explains how a handful of agribusiness firms came to dominate U.S. agriculture, how they’re ruining rural America, and how we can stop them.
Zoe Pharo
Farmers Reject Nicor's Pipe Dream
Residents of the historic Black farming community of Pembroke, Illinois want an energy upgrade—but they want renewables, not fossil fuels.
Zoe Pharo
How to Live with the New Predator that Stalks the West
Unwilling to share the landscape with grizzlies, wolves and other predators, the U.S. exterminated most of them. With wildfire, we don’t have that option.
Pepper Trail
Swamped by Vacation Rentals, Small Towns in the West Are Fighting Back
An explosion in the number of short-term rentals is contributing to an affordable housing crisis in the rural West. Some communities have responded by banning them.
Erika Bolstad
A Brief History of How Big Oil Outplayed Us All
For a century, the fossil fuel industry has outmaneuvered regulators and the public to lock in its power and profits, at the world’s expense.
Naomi Oreskes and Jeff Nesbit
In Defense of Hunting
In our age of ecological collapse, hunting animals for food is as relevant as ever.
Joseph Bullington
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