Rural America

They Pick Food All Day, But Many Farmworkers Go to Sleep Hungry
Immigrant farmworkers in the U.S. often live in food deserts without access to the fruits and vegetables they spend their days harvesting.
Astra Lincoln
The Radical Immigrant Farmers Who Helped Defeat the Robber Barons
Beginning in the 1840s, revolutionary German immigrants introduced agrarian radicalism to Texas and shaped the U.S. tradition of rural socialism
Thomas Alter II
“It Tears You Apart Mentally and Physically”: The Health Crisis Afflicting Black Farmers
Farming is a stressful occupation. Black farmers face the additional burdens of racism, debt and fear of displacement.
Safiya Charles
The Food Crisis Didn’t Begin with the War in Ukraine
Even as the failures of industrial agriculture become obvious, U.S. agribusiness aims to force it on the rest of the world.
Jim Goodman
Bad Prison Food Can Cause Health Problems that Linger After Release
Due to unhealthy food, people in prisons and jails experience high rates of diabetes, heart disease, mental health issues and illnesses related to foodborne pathogens.
Lela Nargi
In Appalachia, the Mine Cleanup System Has Collapsed
Coal companies are declaring bankruptcy. State regulators are failing to hold them accountable. And residents are left to suffer the environmental fallout from abandoned mines.
Dan Radmacher
Surging Wheat Prices and Fertilizer Shortages: How the War in Ukraine Could Impact U.S. Agriculture
Both Ukraine and Russia are major exporters of agricultural products. In a market that’s “incredibly global,” U.S. farmers will feel the effects of war and sanctions.
Johnathan Hettinger, Madison McVan and Amanda Pérez Pintado
The Fight to Reclaim Colorado's Privatized Rivers for the Public
A fisherman’s lawsuit pushes back against a tide of wealth-driven privatization that seeks to deny public access to waterways and other public resources.
Mark Squillace
A New Law Promised Debt Relief for Black Farmers. Instead, Some Got Collection Notices.
The American Rescue Plan included $4 billion in debt relief for farmers of color, but a lawsuit has thrown the program, and the farmers who need it, into limbo.
April Simpson
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