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The Wisconsin Idea is an independent reporting project of People’s Action Institute, Citizen Action of Wisconsin and In These Times. The Wisconsin Idea takes a closer look at the state of Wisconsin, featuring in-depth reporting on the issues facing the state’s rural communities.

Latest Stories
Letter From Gaza: "Birdsong One Minute, Missiles the Next"
"We live a bitter existence, facing the specter of death daily, under the weight of an unjust oppressor."
Eman Ashraf Alhaj Ali
The UAW Won Major Concessions from Each of the Big Three. Is it Enough?
We spoke with autoworkers on the tentative agreements across the Big Three.
Mindy Isser
Biden’s Unflinching Support for Israel’s War on Gaza Is Derailing His Reelection Chances
As the horrifying human toll in Gaza escalates, voters are calling on the president to call for a ceasefire. He ignores them at his own peril.
Peter Certo
Disabled People Are Underrepresented in Politics. A New Organization Aims to Change That.
Disability Victory will start training the first cohort of disabled people who want to run for office in early 2024.
Sara Luterman, The 19th
Los Golpes De Calor Están Matando a Los Trabajadores. ¿Por Qué Es Tan Difícil Protegerlos?
No existe un estándar federal de calor, y los cabilderos, intereses corporativos, y aquellos con agendas ferozmente anti-regulatorias han sido vocales para mantenerlo así.
Maurizio Guerrero
Workers Are Dying From the Heat: Why Is It so Hard to Protect Them?
No federal heat standard exists and lobbyists, corporate interests and those with fiercely anti-regulatory agendas have been vocal and active in keeping it that way.
Maurizio Guerrero
UPS and Autoworkers Are Inspiring a Wave of Worker Militancy. Who’s Next?
The UAW reached tentative agreements with each of Detroit's Big Three automakers. Workers around the country are watching.
Teddy Ostrow and Ruby Walsh
"I Want American Workers to Be United to Make the Occupation Costly, to Make the Israeli Apartheid Costly."
Palestinian activist Issa Amro calls on U.S. workers to fight for for justice and an end to the occupation.
Maximillian Alvarez
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