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The Wisconsin Idea is an independent reporting project of People’s Action Institute, Citizen Action of Wisconsin and In These Times. The Wisconsin Idea takes a closer look at the state of Wisconsin, featuring in-depth reporting on the issues facing the state’s rural communities.

Latest Stories
"Not Mere Pixels on a Screen": What Chicago's Student Encampments Actually Look Like
Select images from one of Chicago's movement photographers of student encampments at the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, DePaul University and School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
East Palestine is a Labor Issue
“Norfolk Southern has not kept their promise to the whole community to make it right.”
Maximillian Alvarez
Bird Union Workers Tell Audubon Union Busting Won't Fly
More than two years into the fight for a new contract, union members say the National Audubon Society appears to be punishing them by withholding better benefits.
Avalon Edwards and Thomas Birmingham
“Abhorrent and Barbarous”: The Crackdown on Campus Gaza Protests Faces Pushback
Progressives in Congress are demanding an end to the brutal police assaults on students protesting the U.S.-backed Israeli war on Gaza.
Jake Johnson
The Fight to Bring Chicago Home Isn’t Over
A majority of residents didn’t back the measure to fund housing services by taxing the rich—but organizers are already preparing for the next round.
Kari Lydersen
New Comics: Fascist Zygotes, Electric Hummers and More
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson: On May Day, We Recommit to the Long Struggle of the Labor Movement
"We are still fighting for a world in which every person who works for a living can afford to take time off to rest, spend time with their loved ones, and enjoy their lives."
Brandon Johnson
Presidente de la UAW: El Primero de Mayo De 2028 Podría Transformar el Movimiento Sindical—y el Mundo
Shawn Fain hace un llamado a los sindicatos de todo el mundo para que alineen las fechas de vencimiento de sus contratos para lograr un impacto masivo.
Shawn Fain
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