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The Wisconsin Idea

If Democrats Want to Win Elections, They Should Bring Back the Covid Welfare State
By many measures, Bidenomics is working great—but most Americans are still down on the economy. That’s in large part because the U.S. government let its temporarily generous social safety net unravel.
Nick French
FeatureInterviewThe Socialism Issue
You Can’t Be a Socialist Alone: Astra Taylor and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
Two intellectual and movement leaders talk candidly about the growing mass rejection of capitalism—and the challenges of converting that into real socialist organization.
Astra Taylor and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
ViewpointThe Socialism Issue
Racial Capitalism Is in Real Peril This Time
The climate crisis is a hard one to buy your way out of.
Barbara Ransby
ViewpointThe Socialism Issue
Socialism at the End of the End of History
Climate change and neoliberalism’s collapse have made the future uncertain. Socialists are faced with a dilemma: How to be ready to seize the moment when we don’t know when or what that moment will be?
Alex Han
Will the Clean Energy Auto Economy Be Built on Factory Floors Riddled With Toxic Chemicals and Safety Hazards?
Workers at an Ultium Cells plant in Ohio are fighting for fair wages and safety on the job. What happens there could help set the tone for similar joint-venture plants across the country.
Luis Feliz Leon
DepartmentsThe Socialism Issue
James Weinstein Knew That Capitalism Was Killing Us
In 1976, the first editorial in the first issue of In These Times called for socialists “to speak to corporate capitalism as the great issue of our time.”
James Weinstein
En Sus Primeros 100 Días, Brandon Johnson Está Cambiando el Terreno Político de Chicago
Activistas y estrategas políticos evalúan el récord del alcalde mientras busca hacer a Chicago un faro de esperanza.
Taylor Moore
The U.S. Says No to Affirmative Action—Until It's Time for War
The U.S. government values Black people when we serve in their wars, but not enough to invest in our education.
Kinjo Kiema
It's Up to Unions to Make the NLRB Matter
The regulatory climate for unions is good. Will they do anything with it?
Hamilton Nolan
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