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The Gezi Park Protests Ignited Resistance Against Turkish Police Brutality
Vincent Bevins revisits the 2013 protests in this exclusive excerpt from his new book.
Vincent Bevins
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Israeli Apartheid Is at the Heart of the Brutality in Gaza and Israel
The only answer to the horrifying violence is to change the conditions from which it sprang. The first step is an immediate cease-fire.
Phyllis Bennis
CultureIsrael & Palestine
"We Call It a Policy of Slow Killing”: Why so Many Are Calling for the Release of Walid Daqqah
Daqqah, a Palestinian who has spent almost four decades in an Israeli prison, served his full sentence but it has been extended. He is also terminally ill and being denied adequate care. These are some of his writings.
Dalia Taha and Walid Daqqah
Republicans Are Using Anti-China Rhetoric to Undercut Striking UAW Workers’ Demands
Rather than actually supporting auto workers in their strike against billionaire CEOs at the Big Three, GOP officials are instead using the labor action to rail against electric vehicles and stoke conflict with China.
Jeff Schuhrke and Sarah Lazare
Striking Autoworkers Remember Broken Promises
Workers at the Big Three agreed to major concessions as part of the auto bailout of 2009. Fourteen years later, with business booming, they’re on strike to demand what they lost—and more.
Alice Herman
“This Just Cost You Kentucky Truck Plant": UAW Announces Major Surprise Strike
Some 8,700 additional auto workers walked off the job on Wednesday in a critical escalation of the Stand-Up Strike.
Keith Brower Brown
InterviewIsrael & Palestine
From Palestine to the Black South, Abolition Journalism is Exposing Injustice
Scalawag editor-in-chief, Sherronda J. Brown, on love, Palestine and the liberatory promise of horror
Natascha Elena Uhlmann
How San Diego Built a Surveillance Apparatus Under the Guise of “Sustainability”
What started as a green infrastructure project quickly spiraled into a crisis of mass surveillance.
Jesse Marx
“Is This a Union Town or What?” Chicago's Transformative Role in the Labor Movement—Past and Present—Fuels UAW Rally
Mayor Brandon Johnson and local, national and international labor leaders joined United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain at a rally for striking autoworkers and allies at the Local 551 union hall.
Maia McDonald
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