The Wisconsin Idea

UAW Scores Major Victory, GM to Put EV Battery Plants in National Contract
While the UAW's strike against the Big Three is ongoing and bargaining continues, union president Shawn Fain announced an important victory.
Luis Feliz Leon
Kaiser Workers Are Out on the Largest Healthcare Strike in U.S. History
This week, more than 75,000 unionized workers at Kaiser Permanente walked off the job, the latest in a string of high-profile labor actions across the country.
Jake Johnson
ViewpointRural America
A Rural New Deal Could Help Progressives Win Rural America
Championing rural and working-class communities is how progressives can build the trust needed to defuse culture war weapons wielded by the Right.
Anthony Flaccavento
Dallas Climate Activists Won a Major Investment in Green Transit. We Can All Learn From Their Fight.
A free public transportation campaign in Dallas is a model for success as Sunrise builds its new Green New Deal for Schools campaign.
Matthew Miles Goodrich
The Solidarity Economy Movement Is Devising a World Beyond Capitalism
Artists and activists are building economic alternatives centered on principles of cooperation, participatory democracy and sustainability.
Aric Sleeper
The Case for Child Welfare Abolition
For decades, reformers have tried to fix our broken child protective services system. Is abolishing it an idea whose time has come?
Roxanna Asgarian
Depicted is an oil on canvas painting, where a mother is shown embracing her son. Her head leans to the right and lies on top of his, which leans to the left.
CultureIsrael & Palestine
Art Against Occupation
Malak Mattar's London show examines the U.K.' s role in Palestinian colonization.
Matt A. Hanson
Movements Got Brandon Johnson Elected. How Do We Organize From Here?
A run of progressive victories proves that social movements have transformed Chicago, but the migrant housing crisis shows that contradictions and challenges persist.
Asha Ransby-Sporn
The UAW Fight is an Exercise in Class Struggle Unionism
UAW President Shawn Fain has said that “corporate greed” is the enemy, and autoworkers are fighting back.
Teddy Ostrow and Ruby Walsh
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