A Few Bits of Newsiness

Brian Zick

Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria Declares Rumsfeld "Deranged." Think Progress has video and a transcript of Zakaria's appearance on ABC's This Week. Bolton Watch Steve Clemons is the go-to resource on John Bolton. And he got Chuck Hagel to state that he has moved from "for" (when the Senate previously considered Bolton) to "undecided" now. Twenty Five Year Old Buys Newspaper Jared Kushner, whose most noteworthy attribute seems to be his age (25 years old) has just bought The New York Observer. Kathryn Seelye for the NY Times reports on the purchase. Condi and Olmert have decided "to throw in the towel -- without admitting that they're throwing in the towel." Billmon assesses the implications of Israel's 48-hour suspension of air attacks in southern Lebanon.

Brandon Johnson
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