A Few Headlines

Brian Zick

Dana Milbank for WaPo: Ashcroft and the Night VisitorsDan Eggen and Paul Kane for WaPo: Gonzales Hospital Episode Detailed Ailing Ashcroft Pressured on Spy ProgramDavid Stout fore the NY Times: Gonzales Pressed Ailing Ashcroft on Spy Plan, Aide SaysLaurie Kellman for AP: White House pressed Ashcroft on wiretapsRichard Schmitt for the LA Times: Justice aide testifies Gonzales pressured ailing Atty. Gen. over surveillance program As White House counsel, Gonzales visited bed-ridden Ashcroft for spying consent.Jess Bravin for the WSJ: Old Episode Could Haunt GonzalesDonna Leinwand for USA Today: Gonzales' visit to hospitalized Ashcroft criticizedCNN: Aide: Ill Ashcroft pressed to approve domestic spyingCongressional Quarterly: Ashcroft, Top Justice Team Almost Resigned in 2004Andrew Zajac for the Chicago Tribune: Gonzales tried to pressure ailing Ashcroft on wiretapping Top Justice officials were ready to resign in protestLaurie Asseo for Bloomberg: Gonzales Pressured Ashcroft on Program, Comey Says

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