a few quick notes

Brian Zick

Christy at firedoglake is encouraging folks to send a message to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, regarding the censure motion: "U.S. Constitution: Do Not Shred." She has fax numbers and a link to free efaxvia Josh Marshall and Paul Kiel, Raw Story reports "DeLay license to carry concealed handgun revoked."and Paul has lots more at TPM Muckraker: • Ohio Lawyers who gave money to a GOP campaign fund, got work as special counsel in return • Sen. Conrad Burns still refusing to concede any wrongdoing • Dana Rohrabacher’s legislative favoritism towards Eritrea and antipathy towards Ethiopia, on behalf of Jack Abramoff • and much moreatrios links to this brief observation from WaPo ombudser Debbie Howell, replying to a question about "the Domenech affair": “I can’t defend it. It’s a f****in’ disaster.”John at AMERICAblog reports "Scalia just gave the finger in church yesterday (not kidding)"HuffPo reports 'Michael Brown To Take On Stephen Colbert…"

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