And Republicans Think the Foley Scandal Was Trouble

Brian Zick

The public already harbors enormous distrust of Republicans (Iraq, Katrina, Abramoff, DeLay/Cunningham/Ney, Plame, and Foley). But, gosh, what do the DC bubble people (Broder and Wolf and Cokie and Russert et al) think of the White House and Republican members of Congress trying to game the legal system, by installing ringers to simultaneously target Democrats while interfering with prosecutions of Republicans?Josh Marshall quotes former New Mexico Governor Dave Cargo (himself a Republican): "This has the potential to really cripple the (state) Republican Party," he said. "And the way Heather and Pete are handling it, by essentially taking the Fifth (Amendment), isn't helping them." David Kurtz at TPM calls attention to another example of the GOP's orchestrated legal scheming in New Mexico.

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