And The Day Is Just Getting Started…

Brian Zick

How A Bill Becomes A Law AP reports Democrats are suing to enforce the constitutionally mandated way of "how a bill becomes a law." The budget bill was passed - barely - in different forms by House and Senate, and the Repubs don't want to revote correctly.AP says, "Eleven House Democrats said Thursday they would sue the Bush administration, alleging the $39 billion deficit-reducing legislation signed by the president is unconstitutional because the House and Senate failed to approve identical versions." … Conyers said. "Anyone who has passed the sixth grade knows that before a bill can become law, both Houses of Congress must approve it." ---Tick Tick Tick… Dean Calbreath, from the San Diego Union Tribune, stated on MSNBC's Scarborough show last night that "as many as a half a dozen" congresswhores could get busted in hooker play for pay crookery. Think Progress has a transcript.Justin Rood at TPM Muckraker reports "Contractors' Hooker Ring Lasted 15 Years."Laura Rozen at War and Piece tells how the CIA's #1 met his CIA #3. ---Phone Jam-a-rama Larry Margasak for AP reports that Mississippi Governor - and former Republican Party chairman - Haley Barbour arranged the startup financing for the GOP telemarketing company implicated in two criminal cases involving election dirty tricks.via Justin Rood at TPM Muckraker.

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