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Ballin’ We Can (Maybe) Believe In

Brian Cook

If you can ignore the sycophantic announcing--that dude is worse than Johnny "Red" Kerr going on about the "energy" of Andres Nocioni--this is kind of enjoyable: I'm impressed by the nifty passing, but a little skeptical about the "highlights-only" editing, though. Forget about an American flag on his lapel: This warm-blooded American wants to know: How many TOs did BO have? What was his shooting percentage? How was his defense? The fact is, this man needs more "vetting" before he earns my endorsement as Baller in Chief. (Via Chris Hayes, who (uncharacteristically) pleads for his opponents to force Obama right.)

Brian Cook was an editor at In These Times from 2003 to 2009. He now works on the editorial staff of Playboy magazine.
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