Bill “The Bloody” Kristol Defends Cheney’s Claims of Exemption from Law

Brian Zick

The Fox News gang talked about Cheney's claimed exemption from the executive order designed to safeguard classified national security information. Think Progress has the video and a transcript. Perhaps of more noteworthy significance, Juan Williams vigorously called bullshit on Kristol's pathetically weak reasoning (security precautions are such a "pain in the neck"). And Brit Hume endorsed Williams' criticism. Williams: This is all a dodge, this is a game, in order to, I guess, keep Dick Cheney in some kind of secured undisclosed bunker of his mind so he can’t let the American people know what’s going on with their government and how decisions are made. He won’t tell people who’s visiting his house, who’s visiting his office. Scooter Libby is letting people know who works for the CIA as an agent. This is ridiculous. HUME: One of the more compelling indictments i’ve heard. Well done, Juan.

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