Blogs On Wheels

Brian Zick

A new automotive accoutrement, for bloggers on the go: LED diplay picture rims.This video clip showcases the technology. More than a few possibilities for creative graphic imaging will likely come to the minds of vehicle operators.Full color LED display graphics, controllable via wireless modem from a laptop while vehicle is at speed. Imagery may be sent to each wheel individually, or all wheels at the same time. Up to six images may be preloaded into each wheel and programmed to change automatically at preselected time intervals. The wheels are environmentally sealed, protected against weather or car wash. Displays are powered by the vehicle's electrical system (no batteries to run out or change, ever).Pimpstar Custom Wheels $12,500 for 22 inch rims or 26-inchers for $19,500 (well, of course, the power of the blog on wheels belongs to the person who owns one)

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