Boehlert and Sargent Take Down Gerth

Brian Zick

Jeff Gerth has written a book about Hillary Clinton.Eric Boehlert for Media Matters poses the question: Isn't former New York Times reporter Jeff Gerth writing the definitive book about Hillary Clinton sort of like Judith Miller deciding to write the definitive book about Iraq's WMDs? Boehlert walks down Memory Lane, and details how Jeff Gerth is an alleged reporter who has a history of being arrogant, stupid, irresponsible, biased, and horribly wrong. Nothing that Jeff Gerth says can ever be believed. If he happens to say anything truthful, it would be impossible to know, because his track record has proven him a consistent liar.Greg Sargent at TPM has already exposed a falsehood in Gerth's new book. One of the key charges made by Timesmen Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta in their much-talked-about new book on Hillary's lifelong ambitions is that way back in the early nineties, she and Bill were already plotting two terms in the White House for her, too.But we've just received our copy of legendary reporter Carl Bernstein's forthcoming book on Hillary -- and his reporting appears to directly contradict this key allegation made by Gerth and Van Natta.

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