CBS’ Pro-Bush Pro-War Double Standards

Brian Zick

Greg Sargent at TPM reports: CBS fired General John Batiste as a consultant because he "advocated" for withdrawal from Iraq in a VoteVets ad.Yet CBS News Consultant Michael O'Hanlon has repeatedly advocated for the "surge." Has CBS fired O'Hanlon? update: Think Progress has more. While CBS claims it will not tolerate consultants engaging in outside advocacy, it apparently has no problem paying a former White House communications director to engage in the Bush administration’s advocacy on air. While being billed as CBS News’ “political consultant,” Nicolle Wallace has propagated talking points advanced by her old colleagues in the White House communications office. (…) It’s apparently only advocacy when you’re opposing Bush. Americans United notes that it took two weeks for CBS to fire Don Imus for racial slurs, but two days to fire Batiste for speaking up on Iraq.

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