CIA Director Hayden vs Victoria Toensing (And Other Hearing News)

Brian Zick

Ms Plame testifies. David Corn and Christy at firedoglake both call attention to Toensing's aggressive refusal to recognize that Valerie Plame was indeed covert when her identity was exposed, despite Plame's under-oath testimony to that fact and despite authoritative assurance from current CIA Director Hayden. Jane Hamsher also reports: The big news of the day, however, came from Dr. James Knodell, who — as Director of the Office of Security at the White House — admitted that there has been absolutely no investigation into the leaking of Plame's identity by employee Karl Rove. To say the response from the committee was shock would be an understatement. update: Jesse Lee at The Gavel has posted some videos from today's hearings.

Brandon Johnson
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