CNN Says John Kerry Has Decided Not to Run in 2008

Brian Zick

CNN "sources" say.The country's loss. He'd be a great president. He's much more progressive than Hillary, and likely moreso than Obama, plus his resumé and extensive experience give him an advantage over Edwards in a broader array of policy arenas that only mileage can provide. It's a shame that so many alleged "liberals" have so easily jumped on the fault-Kerry bandwagon, for the lies about him hyped by an irresponsible press corps spoonfed by Republicans. Jesus Christ would have lost had he run against Bush in 2004, because the big corporate press was so plainly in the tank for the GOP and its warmonger president.But life ain't fair, and it will be a pleasure to vote for Obama or Edwards, and it wouldn't be a problem to vote for Hillary. It wouldn't be a problem to vote for Biden, for that matter. Even the worst Democrat is always going to be better than any Republican. (And Biden is certainly not the worst.)And I'm confident that John Kerry will continue to provide great service to the public, whether he continues as a senator, or another job title comes his way.update: Josh Marshall comments here. Greg Sargent at TPM Cafe comments here.

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