David Corn Offers Dems Some Advice

Brian Zick

David suggests the congressional Democrats "hold informal hearings featuring nothing but former hawks, retired military officers, and past intelligence officers who are upset about the Iraq war: Zbig, Zinni, Paul Pillar (a past CIA officer), retired general Bill Odom (who used to run the NSA), and others. No traditional liberals or predictable war opponents. No speeches from Democrats on the panel. Just let these guys share their disgust and dismay. The goal: to drive home the point that unease with or opposition to the war is not the product of liberal wimpiness. The Dems should hold such hearings over and over before the coming congressional elections. Yes, to provide cover for criticisms of the war, for attacks on Bush's mismanagement of the war, or for calls for disengagement. What card does Bush and Rove have to play in the November elections? The only one is their favorite ace-in-the-hole: the Democrats are weak. And they'll use it. So now's the time for a (political) preemptive attack."

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