Dear Democrats: Time to Dust Off Inherent Contempt. If Not You Who? If Not Now When?

Brian Zick

It is long past time to firmly disabuse this President of the arrogant notion that he and members of his administration may operate above the law. The mechanism of inherent contempt must now be undertaken. Today is not too soon to initiate the action. The arrest and detention of Harriet Miers, Josh Bolton, and DNC Chair Robert Duncan is clearly an imperative now, to compel cooperation with congressional inquiry. And the process of inherent contempt need not in any way conflict with a simultaneous effort to enforce charges of statutory contempt via the courts.Representatives Conyers and Sanchez have forewarned the administration more than once that inherent contempt is a tool which may of necessity be employed. But Bush would appear to believe it only when he sees it. So show him already.

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