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Did Turdblossom Fib to Fitz?

Brian Zick

Reacting to the "lost" emails, Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left speculates about their content. Frankly, I think this must mean Rove is cooked by those e-mails. And not just politically. Rove messed up big time by using his RNC e-mail. All claims of executive privilege were utterly lost when he chose to go "off the White House record" with his communications. I have a very strong suspicion that some of the things Rove told Fitzgerald are likely to be contradicted by these RNC e-mails. Rove could be in some serious hot water. Christy at firedoglake ponders the implications of failing to preserve the documents. And may I just say for the record that if Mr. Rove knew that his e-mails were to be preserved due to a pending criminal investigation and deleted them anyway in an effort to keep them from being viewed in discovery under a valid request from, say, a certain tall special prosecutor whose name might be Fitzgerald…well, that could be construed in a whole lot of places as obstruction of justice.

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